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Kema was born in St. Thomas, a United States Virgin Island, Kema has an appreciation for bright colors and beauty. She moved to Florida as a toddler, then eventually settled in Atlanta, Georgia learning how to read and speak without her native accent. However, she still retains her love of Reggae music, island food, stunning visuals and great stories. As the daughter of a strong, analytical woman and a creative hustler of a man - Kema embodies the best traits of both parents. She brings these characteristics to her work employing detailed project management skills, creative innovation, storytelling, bright visuals, and more as needed to bring about unique solutions to any creative need.

Creative expression has always been a part of Kema's life. She remembers playing house as a child and opting to work as a journalist or transcriber, anything she could do to write and print her experiences on paper, thus bringing a former thought to life in a new way. As she grew older and experienced more complex emotions such as love, loss of friendships, and adolescent self esteem issues, her journalistic accounts evolved into beautifully complex poetry. This shift helped Kema realize that there is a transformative power in turning painful personal experiences into reclaimed works of art. This led her to join the Yearbook Club and take Creative Writing courses in high school where she was able to capture the truth in words or photos while pushing the creative envelope to deliver a story in a new way.

Determined to take that thought into college, Kema told her mom that she wanted to study Journalism. Her first hope was to attend NYU, but out-of-state tuition put her focus on an in-state school, so she set her sights on the prestigious University of Georgia. Upon hearing these plans, Kema's mom - speaking from a place of wisdom- challenged her to do something bigger, something that would be more profitable and long-lasting, something that she could build her own legacy from. Kema accepted the challenge and opted to maintain her love of storytelling by graduating with a degree in Advertising from UGA's College of Journalism. She also managed to earn a certificate in Digital New Media for building apps and exploring other cutting edge digital solutions and a certificate in Interdisciplinary Writing for writing lengthy research reports and blogging in Cambodia.

This economic shift in creative thinking led Kema to work in the Marketing departments of large Property Management Companies based out of Atlanta. There, she was able to hone her creativity while developing a mind and skill for business management and marketing. After seven years of working for companies with structured definitions of creativity, she now endeavors to deliver an uncapped well of creative solutions that can help anyone from an individual with just a spark of an idea to a business with a detailed plan.


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