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into Every Moment

About KHx

One thing you need to know about me is that I'm a Creative. Not just any kind of creative, I am right and left brained, so I am strategically creative. I take what I have and make the most of it. This skill helps me #SparKHx Creativity into every moment and make a memory last a lifetime. 

We start with an initial call, so I can get to know you. From there, we dream, we brainstorm, we laugh, and we plan. When we're finished, you'll not only have lasting memories in your heart, but tangible evidence of the plan that you can see and evolve.

Shall we get started?

Bring Your Dream To Life!
Creative Services
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Past Work  X  K.Hodge Creative

I wear many hats - from Photographer, to Videographer, Strategist, Marketer, Writer to any other role that needed. The only question now is: Are you ready to #SparKHx Your Creativity? 


Or take some time to see my past work and be Inspired

X Looking for a SparKHx of Creativity?

The SparKHx is what helps you to produce fun, engaging, quality content that is targeted and on-brand. As creatives and content creators, we are constantly producing and consuming content. Sometimes, we need support, encouragement, and guidance to help us produce quality content for ourselves. The SparKHx is here to help creatives and content creators easily produce content that showcases their talents and businesses. Join the SparKHx to gain access to carefully curated creative inspiration to stimulate quality content for your business. 


Looking for More?

We want to make content easy again. When you are ready to invest in a full Creative Consultant, let me know. We will evaluate your business goals and calculate a strategic creative plan that addresses your exact business goals. When applied, the KHx Method identifies the most optimal content to post within a 1 to 3 month cycle. The results start with the answers to 5 questions which mirror the five stages of the sales funnel.

Book it when you are ready.

Review the 

Creative Process

Consultation and Collaboration

Learning your story from all angles - from you as well as from your online persona and reputation.

Listening to Your Vision

Strategy and Innovation

Offering insight on strategic and innovative ways to execute your Vision. 

Finding ways to add creativity

Creative Direction

Ensuring Your Vision is well-executed and told in a creative yet authentic way.

Publishing and Production

Transforming the final product into a creatively produced Work of Art.

Ready to Dream in color?

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