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How to Balance Business and Self Care

We all dream of being successful, right?

It's not even about the fancy cars or big houses, mostly, we just want to be good at what we do and recognized from time to time for our hard work and great ideas. (And of course, be compensated really, really well!)

On the other hand, it is all too common for us to sacrifice our health and mental well-being for our success. With May being #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, I had to share my recommendations on how to balance self care and business.

1. Remember that YOU come first.

All your best work comes from You and it comes when you are at your best in all areas - mind, body, and soul. If you are empty in one area, your productivity and creativity will suffer. Giving yourself some TLC from time to time is necessary to ensure you thrive in your career.

Meditation, or quiet moments of unopposed reflection, can do wonders for the mind while giving you mental space and energy to be more innovative at work. Exercise gets the heart pumping, which in turn gets the blood flowing more quickly and powerfully through your veins. The release of natural endorphins is also a nice reward! Finally, doing something that you love, even a small, quick version of it, brings peace and joy to the soul.

The best way to make sure you put yourself first is to focus on what feeds your soul. Love thy self and you will find it is easier to love thy life, no matter what you are doing.

2. Trust Your Intuition

We only get one life and it is up to us to use it wisely. Our intuition can sense when something is not for us versus when something is perfectly suited for us even when it doesn't look like it. I remember I worked for a woman who was not a fan of me and ultimately succeeded in getting me demoted from the corporate office. Even though it was a step back in my career, God allowed me to have more peace in my new role and to work with people who appreciated the light in me.

On paper, the demotion should have been terrible for me and my career, but the entire experience actually gave me the foundation and experience I needed to land my next job, which came just a few short months later. Then, when the dust settled and I saw my total income for the year, I realized that God allowed my finances to equal my full salary as if I had never gotten the demotion. He set me up to Win even when I thought I was losing. I had peace in my spirit even when my circumstances looked bleak.

My intuition told me to stay with this company even though they didn't value me. Your intuition could be telling you to leave or it could be to telling you learn and grow in preparation for your next opportunity. Take a deep breath and trust your intuition. Follow your peace and give yourself permission to be in between stages of greatness. Success is coming to you. Trust the timing.

3. If you need more help, seek it.

It is okay to not be okay. In fact, I give you permission to feel not okay once in a while. It is part of your truth and owning it with love allows you to feel more whole as a person. If you feel like you are not okay and you can't do anything to shake that feeling, then seek additional support from friends, loved ones, teachers, counselors, or anyone who is kind enough to give you a listening ear. Even venting about your frustrations can help lighten the load that you are carrying on your shoulders. Be sure to seek as much help as you need to get back to your best self. The best stories are made on the other side of the worst struggles. Even the Bible encourages us to count ourselves blessed if we go through tribulation. Not because it is easy or anything that I would wish on my worst neighbor, but because it produces a change within us that God can use to save and encourage others.

For more information and support on Mental Health Awareness Month, check out this informative website.

Ultimately, in order for your career to thrive, YOU must be thriving. You are the most important character in your journey. If you aren't healthy in your mind, body, and soul, then your Win won't feel as fulfilling because you will know you sacrificed the best parts of yourself to get there. Instead, redefine success for yourself - and this time, it doesn't have to be all career-minded. This time, you have permission to choose YOU first!

As they say, health is wealth, so I wish you good and long health. May we be both prosperous and peaceful in all areas of our life.

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