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ep 1:

Take me back… 🌹

Actually. Don’t take me back… Take me forward. 🛫

It can only get better from here.


Storytime 📝

Yesterday, I was on a boat!

It was everything. I love water, I love views, I love Black Excellence and I especially love ease and luxury. 😌

Yesterday was everything.

… And that can be daunting.

How am I going to feel going back to my “regular, degular, #schmegular life?”

Moments that are everything can feel like a set up, because naturally, we want more…

And we deserve more!

But we have to attract more.

And that’s what makes #more hard.

When you’re manifesting and believing in God for More out of life, sometimes it’s easy to grow resentful and frustrated by your “right now life.” I mean, I’ve worked in corporate most of my career so I’ve lived more of my life in an office than on a boat. That means, I was resentful for a long time.

But (God!) in Chapter 31 of my life, at about today days old, I can say that #LifeOnlyGetsBetter. ✨ You dream up better things, you make better friends, you make better money and better decisions. You try better food, have better sex, and become better at your craft. But if YOU don’t see it that way, then it won’t FEEL that way.

If you keep your eyes on what could’ve been, or your heart focused on what was, then how can you allow your Soul to create what #WillBe better?

I had an amazing day yesterday and as I wrote “take me back” as the caption, I had to pause and realize… I don’t want to go back, I want to go forward. ⏩

Let’s go forward, baybee!!! ❤️‍🔥

Because… life only gets better from here. 🌹🙏🏾🥰



Story inspired by, empowered by, told by, and copyright by K Hodge Creative LLC aka The SparKHx ⚡️




And as I ended my night, I remembered a song for which I only had one line for lol. And at the end of the song, he reminds:

It’s already getting better.

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Today, I went swinging.

It was glorious!

It was Friday and I was home from with early. The sun was shining and sky was a radiant, bright crystal blue. 💙

So I took a walk in my expansive neighborhood and processed the week as I took in nature and dynamic life all around me.

A ways into my walk, I see a porch swing and I can’t resist! In fact, I now believe I’m on this walk just to swing on this very swing set.

So I settle in to it. It’s little worn but still very strong, sturdy, and safe.

And I swing.

And it’s the sweetest moment I’ve gifted to myself that week. 💖

Affirmation :

I am learning

and I grow better everyday.

UnWined, a black female owned wine brand, sponsored a recent Bartender Battle in Marietta.

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